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Applicable to Ready-to-Shelf Pusher System (imperial shelf sizes).

 End divider D060 with E027 profile for A016.

 With a front clip fixation.

 Height 2.52' (64 mm).



 The end divider serves as the right-end element in an array of C60 pushfeeds on shelves.

 It is available in various lengths to match the Compartment 60 profiles and features a front clip and an additional base profile.

Closing shelf divider for side closure - 1 per shelf (imperial shelf sizes)

PriceFrom $3.10
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Closing shelf divider for side closure - 1 per shelf.
     If you have several shelves joined together - order just 1 (one) closing shelf divider.

  • Dividers are made of UV and scratch-resistant polycarbonate.
     By purchasing POS-T products you support environmentally responsible manufacturing.

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