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Unlock Superior Value in Every Purchase with Our Advanced Shelving Components

Elevate your procurement strategy with components that blend cutting-edge quality, exceptional cost-efficiency, and robust sustainability standards. Partner with us for solutions that drive success in today’s competitive retail environment.



Cost efficiency:

Reveal unbeatable values with our competitive pricing, volume discounts, and flexible payment options enabling you to get high quality without breaking your budget.

High-Quality Components:

Experience the reliability, functionality, and beauty with parts that meet and exceed industry standards to add longevity and appeal to your finished product.

Supply Chain Reliability:

Reliably delivering your components to your door on time every time through solid contingency planning, avoiding your projects coming to a screeching halt.

Compliance and sustainability:

Buy with confidence: ensuring compliance with all standard and sustainability regulation reflecting your commitment to responsible practices.

Vendor Support and Service:

Welcome to experience the unmatched after-sales service, which offers full technical support, flexible return policies, and sound warranties to be capable of handling any arising problem.

Innovation and Adaptability:

Stay ahead with our cutting-edge technologies and innovation materials designed to catapult your product offerings and adapt seamlessly to the market and consumers' ever-evolving needs.

POS-T solutions proudly serve numerous beloved global brands and retailers. Here are just a few examples.

Meet Your Project Goals with Precision-Engineered Components

Prioritize quality, affordability, and strategic alignment in every component you choose. Partner with us for solutions designed with your manufacturing success in mind.


Superior Material Quality:

We supply you with the best materials for your projects. Each piece ensures top durability, safety, and aesthetic properties of your product.

Customization Capabilities:

Perfect your components through perfection with our customization services designed to accurately meet the unique design specifications and project requirements in mind.

POS-Tuning Ice Cream Presentation Soluti

Integration and Compatibility:

Our easily integrated components have been designed with the intention of easily fitting in with the rest of your systems and products for an easy assembly and installation process.

Eco-friendly and Ethical:

Support your sustainability goals with our eco-friendly and ethical supply of materials and components meeting the highest standards.


Technological Innovation:

Leverage new and intelligent technologies, together with cutting-edge materials that ensure higher levels of functionality, efficiency, and consumer appeal for your product.

Clear Labeling and Documentation:

Enjoy ease and clarity from start to finish with our complete documentation and clearly labeled assurance for easy installation and compliance with the needed quality and standards.


Get Your Custom Pusher System in 3 Easy Steps

Tailoring your shelving with our pusher systems is designed to be hassle-free. Just follow these steps to ensure we match your needs perfectly:

Dimension Details

Let's start with the space dimensions where you'll install the pusher system. Here's what to measure:

  1. Width: Measure the front edge of the shelf, from one end to the other, where products face your customers.

  2. Depth: This is the measurement from the very front to the back of the shelf.

  3. Height: Determine the total vertical space available, or the height of your tallest product.

Product Particulars

We tailor the push strength based on what you'll display, so we need to know about your products:


  1. Package Size: The height, length, and width of a typical product package you'll display.

  2. Weight: The average weight of one package helps us adjust the pusher's strength accordingly.

  3. Number of Facings: Let us know how many product facings you plan to have. This detail is crucial for calculating the exact number of dividers needed to organize your products effectively.

Additional Specifications & Visuals

More details lead to a perfect fit. Please share any specific requirements or conditions of your shelving space:

  1. Shelf or Space Renderings/Photographs: Feel free to provide a rendering, drawing, or photograph of the shelf, display, or drawer where the pusher system will be installed. Visual aids can significantly help in understanding your setup.

  2. Special Conditions: Note if the shelves are in unique environments like refrigerated areas or outdoors.

  3. Unique Product Needs: Any specific product details that could influence the choice of pusher system.

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200,000,000+ Product Facings Improved In 120+ Countries

"POS Tuning's products have truly revolutionized how we do retail. Their precise design and durability have completely optimized our shelving layout, resulting in boosted sales."

Sarah T.

Project Manager

"We've been loyal customers of POS Tuning for years, and they always deliver. Their focus on the finer details and dedication to quality is evident in every single product they provide."

Hussein B.

Category Manager

"POS-T solutions have been a game-changer for us. Their products not only help us make the most out of our limited shelf space but also ensure that our products are displayed effectively."

Mike J.


Frequently Asked

  • How do you ensure the quality of your components?
    Quality remains paramount in our every operation. Stringent quality controls are in place at the time of sourcing material from inception right through to the final stage of production, which conforms to all standards of the industry. Further, these products that we offer have undergone rigid testing of the various environments in which they are supposed to be used. For example, we have products for coolers and freezers that meant to be used for the sub-zero temperature conditions. This thorough testing guarantees that our components deliver reliable performance, no matter the setting.
  • What are your pricing and payment terms?
    Our pricing is competitive and transparent, and we offer flexible payment terms to accommodate your budgeting needs.
  • Do you offer technical support and after-sales service?
    Yes, we provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales service to address any queries or issues you may encounter.
  • What is your lead time for orders?
    Our standard lead time varies by product, but we work to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, with expedited options available for urgent needs.
  • Can Your Components Be Customized to Fit Our Specific Design Needs?
    Definitely yes. We have an expanded range, and different sizes would also be offered to you to best meet your various design specifications. Besides our sizes, we even extend our offer to manufacture components to the exact dimensions you require. It is along these very lines that we focus very keenly on giving you solutions that are tailor-made and conform precisely to the design and functionality needs for your project to be able to realize its full potential.
  • What is your return policy for defective or unsuitable components?
    We offer a hassle-free return policy for any defective or unsuitable components, including replacements or refunds as per our warranty terms.
  • How Do You Handle Supply Chain Disruptions?
    We have strong plans in place for such contingencies and excellent strategies for inventory management to remain strong in our supply chain as a reliable one. Add to that, all our products are made in Germany—indeed, the stability and the ability to deliver with efficient timing are enormous guarantees. This strategic choice becomes a barrier from the disturbances and delays usually related to products sourced from South Asian countries and further ensures our dedication to uninterrupted service and quality.
  • Can You Provide Examples of Your Commitment to Sustainability?
    Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through our choice of long-lasting materials, our focus on energy-efficient production processes, and our initiatives aimed at reducing waste. We are proud to hold a Certificate for Assured Sustainability from the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics, reflecting our dedication to these principles. Furthermore, we are ambitiously working towards becoming climate neutral by 2030. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, click here.
  • What is the durability of your components?
    Our components are made with lasting performance in mind, giving industry-grade materials subjected to the highest testing to ensure they exceed all levels of durability. In fact, most of our customers had used our products successfully for more than 7 years without any trouble. Backing our commitment to quality is a 3-year warranty against any manufacturing defect that we give on every component.
  • Are Your Components Compatible With Different Retail Fixtures and Drawers?
    Yes, all our components are meticulously engineered with due consideration of the different kinds of retail fixtures and drawers. This includes ease of installation in your present settings and flexibility or ease of change in use for the best display of your retail space.
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