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Exposhelf new arrivals: Double Tray System

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

POS Tuning (Germany) just presented their new innovative solution for protein bars shelving storage and visibility. Smart and simple in installation and maintenance.


  • Stacked packs layout to save shelf space

  • Optimal product visibility and accessibility

  • Suitable for any similar product categories


  • Fully adaptable to product width

  • Simple installation requires no tools

  • Transparent color

  • For shelves made of any material

  • Available in two sets: 14 trays set and 18 trays set

  • 14 trays set (7 + 7) with 1000mm in width

  • 18 trays set (9 + 9) with 1250mm in width

  • Shelf depth > 320mm

  • Adapter-T rails are sold separately

Interested in purchasing this solution in Canada? Connect Exposhelf representatives for more details.

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