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Shelf Merchandising Solutions for Personal Care, Health Care Products, and Household Supplies


  • Crystal-clear visibility for all products and their variations

  • Substantial sales growth

  • Reduced shelf maintenance for operational efficiency

  • Enhanced stability of products on the shelf

Streamline Your Health Care and Household Supplies with the Pusher System for Optimal Shelf Organization

Reliable pusher system behind

Reliable pusher system behind

Well-presented products in front

Well-presented products in front

Automated front presentation for :

Organize Personal Care, Health Care Products, and Household Supplies on the shelves of your store easily!

with the pushfeed system POS-T C60

Just any packaged product can be organized on the retail shelf neatly

with POS-T C60 System Empowered by Dividers and Self-Aligning Pushers

We provide high-end shelving systems designed to reduce refilling time and display maintenance

with the pushfeed system POS-T C60

You offer a variety of products in your store, so we provide a pusher system tailored to accommodate different weights and sizes of packaging

selection of shelf components in different colors, depths, heights, pusher strength

Thinking of streamlining stock counting and shelf refilling?

with pusher and divider system you can decrease maintenace and stock counting time significantly

Aisles with shelves at the Grocery Shop

Planograms for Personal Care, Health Care Products, and Household Supplies

Planograms are essential for strategically placing products in the Personal Care category, enhancing visibility, accessibility, and overall customer satisfaction.

This systematic approach streamlines restocking and contributes to an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

In the Health Care Products category, a well-structured planogram is crucial for categorizing items by purpose and usage. This aids customers in quickly locating needed products and creates an environment for promoting related items, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

For Household Supplies, planograms act as a blueprint for an efficient store layout. By logically grouping products based on size, usage, and brand affinity, retailers optimize shelf space and improve the overall shopping journey. This ensures customers find what they need while being exposed to a curated selection of complementary products.

Unpacking Box With Cutter

Ready-to-Install Solution

Grocery Store Worker

Optimized Layout

Child paying at the store

Customer Satisfaction

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Join us to collaborate and shape the future together.

Our core values include creativity, passion, and a client-centric approach. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your projects by combining your expertise in retail custom fabrication with our reliable and smart shelving solutions.

Delight your clients with visually stunning and user-friendly solutions that optimize product displays and enhance the overall customer experience. Partner with us and gain access to our reliable and long-lasting shelf management systems.

Let's create retail spaces that leave a lasting impression!

25 Years of Experience

For a quarter of a century, POS Tuning solutions have been dedicated to serving businesses.

Custom Solutions

Our products are fully customizable to suit your project's needs - dimensions, color, delivery terms, coverage, and scope.

Solutions That Work Years

Our solutions are engineered with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring years of reliable performance without any failures.

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