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Shelf Merchandising Systems for Chocolate, Candy, and Snacks


  • Enhanced product visibility for an exceptional shopping experience

  • Streamlined shelf maintenance to save time and effort

  • Our special spring-loaded pushers prevent chocolate bars from breaking while keeping them in front of customers

The Pusher System Keeps Merchandise in Order on Every Shelf

Reliable pusher system behind

Reliable pusher system behind

Well-presented products in front

Well-presented products in front

Automated front presentation for :

Chocolate Bars Placed Vertically

with the pushfeed system POS-T C90

Chocolate Bars Placed Horizontally, or Square Format

with the pushfeed system POS-T C90

Candy in a Pillow Pouch Format

with the pushfeed system POS-T C90

Installation is easy and straightforward

with POS-T C60 universal system you can organize any packaged items on a shelf

What We Think About ...

Ready-to-Install Solution

Our solutions offer a wide range of sizes, making them suitable for any shelf material and dimension. They are adjustable to accommodate various product sizes and placements, both vertically and horizontally on store fixtures, displays, and racks.
These solutions are ideal for all types of chocolate bars, candy packages, and bags. We have developed pushers specifically tailored to chocolate bars to minimize the risk of breakage.

Planograms for Chocolate, Candy, and Snacks

In retail, planograms are crucial for effectively organizing merchandise and enhancing the customer experience, especially in the chocolate category. They are designed to facilitate faster refilling, increase customer satisfaction, and boost impulse purchases.

​Shelf pusher systems are utilized to ensure easy maintenance of planograms for the chocolate and candy category. These systems assist in organizing merchandise and maintaining the desired order and layout. Specifically, using correct force springs and specially shaped pusher paddles addresses the issue of broken chocolate bars resulting from inadequate shelf solutions (either excessively strong or lacking sufficient pusher height).

Optimized Layout

Once the planogram for the chocolate and candy category is developed, each spot can be predetermined, even in out-of-stock situations, by placing the product label on the front face of the pusher. This label can also serve as promotional material if desired. Labeled shelf spots save time during refilling and ensure shelves remain fully stocked, promoting a well-maintained appearance.

Customer Satisfaction

Given the wide range of variations in the chocolate category, easy product visibility and accessibility significantly contribute to a positive shopping experience, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Confectionery is a category with a high impulse purchasing effect, and smart visual merchandising entices customers, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Real-world Examples

Calling all design agencies specializing in retail custom fabrication!

Join us to collaborate and shape the future together.

Our core values include creativity, passion, and a client-centric approach. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your projects by combining your expertise in retail custom fabrication with our reliable and smart shelving solutions.

Delight your clients with visually stunning and user-friendly solutions that optimize product displays and enhance the overall customer experience. Partner with us and gain access to our reliable and long-lasting shelf management systems.

Let's create retail spaces that leave a lasting impression!

25 Years of Experience

For a quarter of a century, POS Tuning solutions have been dedicated to serving businesses.

Custom Solutions

Our products are fully customizable to suit your project's needs - dimensions, color, delivery terms, coverage, and scope.

Solutions That Work Years

Our solutions are engineered with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring years of reliable performance without any failures.

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