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Shelving Solutions and Presenters for Frozen Food


  • Optimal product visibility for each item

  • Improved shopper orientation for a seamless experience

  • Streamlined shelf maintenance for operational ease

  • Energy efficiency with shorter door opening times

  • Industry-grade materials ensure reliable performance even in sub-zero temperatures for extended periods

Proven Below Zero: Perfect Shelf Management for Frozen Foods with the Pusher System

Reliable pusher system behind

Reliable pusher system behind

Well-presented products in front

Well-presented products in front

Automated front presentation for :

Frozen Products in Upright Freezers

with the pushfeed system POS-T C130

Frozen Products in Deep Freezers

with POS-T Lift Systems

Ice Cream Cup Double Stack Presenter: Optimize Your Display and Space

with POS-T Double Stack Presenter for Ice Cream Cups

Boost your freezer sales turning product facings to your customers

with POS-T C130 System (Sub-Zero Industry-Grade Pusher System)

What We Think About ...

Ready-to-Install Solution

Elevate your Frozen Food display with our custom solutions. Crafted to seamlessly fit any freezer shelf, our versatile products accommodate diverse packaging sizes. Ideal for freezer displays, our solutions enhance the presentation of various frozen products such as pizzas, ice cream, veggies, and more.
With flexibility in both vertical and horizontal arrangements, our products optimize freezer space. Prioritizing safety, our pushers minimize damage risks, ensuring a secure and visually appealing showcase for a variety of frozen delights.
Upgrade your freezer section with premium materials and captivate customers in the Frozen Food category with our innovative display solutions.

Planograms for Frozen Food and Ice Cream

Effective planograms are indispensable for efficiently organizing Frozen Foods and Ice Creams, optimizing visibility in limited space, and facilitating seamless restocking to enhance shelf presence.

Within this category, a well-structured planogram intelligently categorizes items, aiding customers in swiftly locating their desired products. This strategic arrangement significantly improves the overall shopping experience, providing customers with convenience and ease in exploring and selecting frozen items.

The implementation of shelf organizers, including dividers and pusher systems, plays a pivotal role in maintaining order on shelves. These tools not only reduce clutter but also streamline navigation for both customers and staff, ensuring optimal product visibility and organization. Moreover, by minimizing the time freezers stay open, they contribute to energy efficiency, leading to reduced electric bills. This multifaceted approach not only enhances the customer experience but also aligns with sustainability goals, making it a win-win for both retailers and consumers.

Optimized Layout

Once the planogram for the frozen food category is established, allocate each spot, even during stock-outs, by prominently affixing the product label on the front face of the freezer. This label can also function as promotional material when desired.

Clearly labeled freezer spots streamline restocking, saving time and ensuring that the frozen food section remains well-stocked with a variety of options, presenting a neatly organized and tempting display.

Customer Satisfaction

In the frozen food category, the extensive variety of options demands easy visibility and accessibility for an enhanced shopping experience, ultimately elevating customer satisfaction.

Frozen food is often a high-consideration purchase, and strategic visual merchandising plays a crucial role in capturing customer attention, resulting in heightened sales and revenue.

By ensuring that frozen products are prominently displayed and easily accessible, customers can make informed choices, leading to a more positive overall shopping experience and increased satisfaction with the diverse offerings in the frozen food aisle.

Real-world Examples

Calling all design agencies specializing in retail custom fabrication!

Join us to collaborate and shape the future together.

Our core values include creativity, passion, and a client-centric approach. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your projects by combining your expertise in retail custom fabrication with our reliable and smart shelving solutions.

Delight your clients with visually stunning and user-friendly solutions that optimize product displays and enhance the overall customer experience. Partner with us and gain access to our reliable and long-lasting shelf management systems.

Let's create retail spaces that leave a lasting impression!

25 Years of Experience

For a quarter of a century, POS Tuning solutions have been dedicated to serving businesses.

Custom Solutions

Our products are fully customizable to suit your project's needs - dimensions, color, delivery terms, coverage, and scope.

Solutions That Work Years

Our solutions are engineered with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring years of reliable performance without any failures.

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