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Exposhelf New Arrivals: ESL-Profile

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Meet new member of POS Tuning shelf arrangement and labeling segment - ESL-Profile for Hanshow label series Nebular.


- For all common shelves with u-lip at the front (Linovag, Harres, Storebest, Tego-Metal, Linde, etc.) plus flat shelves at the front

- Flat profile (6 mm)

- Durability due to high quality plastic (ABC)

- Profile has the full height of a 3.5" display, therefore complete protection of the electric price labels even when removed

- Attachment of advertising material possible, e.g. wobblers, highlighters, etc.

- Stable design even if the labels are changed regularly due to 1.2 mm material thickness

- Secure hold due anti-theft unlocking mechanism

- Standard colors: white and anthracite (other colors available on request)

- Standard length: 1.000mm, 1.250mm and 1.330mm (other lengths available on request)

Interested in purchasing this solution in Canada? Connect Exposhelf representatives for more details:

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